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The Kahanis : Synopsis of the Stories

Izaat's Kahani, Shanti’s Kahani, Anne’s Kahani, Sathi’s Kahani, Amita’s Kahani, Maji and Beti’s Kahani, Iman's Kahani, Phul's Kahani

Izaat's Kahani (New Story, guest editor, Mandeep Mucina )

A haunting tale of love, Izaat's Kahani is a story about a woman who defies culture and family for love and honour.

Shanti’s Kahani:

Shanti’s Kahani portrays some of the challenges new immigrants face due to language barriers when wanting to access services.

Anne’s Kahani:

Anne’s Kahani tells the story of a lesbian woman in two stages of her life. During the first part, Anne is reflecting on whether she should “listen to her parents and just get married.” Through this part of the kahani she reflects on what are some consequences of coming out to her family and community.

Trauma and symptoms of trauma are explored during the second part of Anne’s Kahani. In this part, Anne has locked herself in the bathroom while her husband is banging on the other side of the bathroom door. While locked in, Anne “flashbacks” to various stages in her life, including her experiences with her lesbian partner, the abuse she has endured with her husband as well as fights she has had with her parents.

Sathi’s Kahani:

Sathi's Kahani illustrates the effects of domestic violence on children. Sathi replays her daily witnessing of domestic violence as she plays tea party with "Mr. and Mrs. Bear."

Amita’s Kahani:

Amita’s Kahani tells the story of a young, up and coming, professional who is discussing the abuse she witnessed between her parents with her therapist.

Maji and Beti’s Kahani:

In Maji and Beti’s Kahani, in law abuse is explored through in the form of letter correspondence between a mother and daughter.

Iman's Kahani:

Iman's Kahani tells the story of a Muslim woman who is broadcasting her story of fleeing from a domestic abuse situation.

Phul's Kahani:

Phul's Kahani tells the story of a transsexual person and her experience with sexual identity, love and abuse.